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Our Approach

We are in the client growth business

Our approach is straightforward and our purpose is simple:

No two situations are exactly the same.

Through a defined process, we take a strategy based approach to provide tailored business solutions that fuel client growth.

That's it, the reason why we exist.

Because our purpose is profitable client growth and not any one particular deliverable, we offer services in individualized, yet connected areas that contribute to business growth: Marketing, Strategy & Business Development.

This is not just another agency and you are not just another client.

Your growth is our business, we exist to help with strategic growth.

Please contact us today and let's discuss how we can grow your business together.


Our client


Consistent, Clear and Connected

There's the saying that "you can't be all things to all people" and that is very true. This is why we take every client interaction and project on a case by case basis.

We want to be the right partner for your business to drive the optimal results but even with that, there are certain things that clients can always expect from working with us:

  • We will always be up-front, honest and transparent.

  • We will without fault, act according to your business strategy and we will stick to that strategy for the duration of our time together.

  • We are about action - if we say we will do it, it will get done without exception.

  • We are accountable for our ability to execute - we do not make excuses, we provide solutions.

  • We provide customized solutions within a defined process - we believe in our methodology and we live by it.

  • No surprises - we will always tell you what to expect and when to expect it.


Our philosophy

Think larger than life ideas, execute for the real world

We always start with a few simple questions:

If the sky was the limit and any result were possible... 

What would the end result be?

What is the significance and implication to the business?

What does the road map look like from here to there?


This question is our starting point. We then scale that thinking into action points which we refine and ultimately, becomes the deliverable to clients.

Through a concise, expedited process we are able to apply this approach universally, with projects both large and small.



The Mash & Lauter Story:


An idea born at 35,000 feet, a lifetime in the making

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marketing, Strategy & Brewing

A tale of passion and pursuit

There are a remarkable number of similarities between the composition of a thorough marketing strategy and a well composed beer - just think about it:

You start by thinking about the end - What is the desired result?

You must strategically compose the right balance of core ingredients (and possibly additives) before you get to work

You must plan out a timeline in advance, of how the different components will come together in order to be successful

With timeline in place, there is a specified process to follow

With the exception of rogue bacteria or unforeseen temperature change, the above mentioned components provide a strong likelihood for success

Through a lifetime passion for beer and brewing and a professional passion for marketing, Mash & Lauter was born.


The moment it all came together

Hold my beer

The idea for Mash & Lauter was born at 35,000 feet, en-route to a major customer meeting while finishing an annual strategy presentation.  The Brewmaster's Table by Garret Oliver sat in the seat pocket and a nearby passenger, also working on a computer had just ordered a beer.

In that moment, everything clicked:

Thinking about business growth and strategy, experiences working with various agencies in different capacities and a life long passion for beer. 

The notepad came out and in that moment 

Mash & Lauter Marketing was born.

It has been one fun ride so far, and we are excited to continue on this journey with our clients.

1936 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.
Suite 476
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543
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